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How to make the online dating search a better experience

When you join online dating apps, your intention is there. You are ready to put yourself out there and ready to find love. Even the act of creating an online profile is you saying this is what I want you, and it is very powerful. If you cultivate that you are looking for love in your own mind and reiterate that, you would be surging forward in your search. You’ll know more about yourself and understand what you want in a mate, why you rejected, and what you love.


It is not a job application

When you are looking for a mate using online dating apps like, you might view a photo or maybe two of a profile. What might be going through your mind is to search for your heart. As you go through profiles, there might be this urgent need to fill the slot, like you need an employee for your company. Even when you create your profile, it might feel like applying for a job. That puts a lot of pressure on you when making your profile.

Those potential partners

If you are looking for love, you are lucky as online dating apps have that many people who can be matched to you as potential partners. If you keep an open mind and treat people with your compassion and if you use these experiences to cultivate your own mind and your own heart, then there’s a good chance your online experience is going to make you a better person and you going to find great people online.

Different types of people

As you search for someone that may fit you like a missing puzzle piece, you may realize that there’s something in it for you when there is that trigger that makes you want to connect. When you notice the type of people that you rejecting and the type of people the people that are very responsive, you’ll even note that maybe they flake. There are profiles that look like really good ones, yet if people promise you the moon and then fall off the face of the earth, you might wonder what is that about and why the person suddenly disappeared. You would just need to move on, as you don’t know the reason why that person is gone and if they are coming back.

Be non-judgemental

The best practice is to drop judgment while selecting a mate when using online dating apps. To be non-judgmental does not mean you are not selective as you can definitely select. When you interact with people and you judge them, it is a reflection of your own judgment. If you are applying a very strict judgment, it makes the information that is right there become a pattern to mold your decisions. 

For a better experience

There is no need to fix yourself or heal any wound, you are perfect just the way. When you accept yourself, the more you can accept other people. Finding the right one involves both your mind and your heart, and along the way, keep in mind that you are lucky as there are people who might not be the right one but they were still there for you. Have compassion while your online dating journey, and it will become a much better experience.